Final artwork at scale. 3'x5'
Final submitted piece: laser engraved leather on canvas flag.
Our blank canvas supplied by Factory North who created and runs this yearly funraising event.
Tim Weakland's sketches
Initial concept renders with sharpie
Colored in PS to match the Portland Timber's colors.
Edits to be made scrapping elements and implementing new ones.
Rough idea/render I made based on Tim Weakland's round 1 sketches.
Design comped together in PS (badly) and printed out at 5%. Here I am drawing over it to refine everything.
Experimenting with a dark footer area.
Tim Weakland's round 2 sketch / render.
Details of the full scale print made from tiled 8.5x11s.
Final artwork very close to being ready.
Leather was reclaimed from a restaurant booth.
Depth tests from the laser engraver MC Laser Labs.
The laser engraver at MC Laser Labs.
Chester of MC Laser Labs stretching the leather in place over plywood so it can be evenly engraved.
Wiping away the dust from engraving the first leather panel.
Detail of laser engraved surface.
Leather panels trimmed and aligned.
The final piece before it was adheaered to the canvas flag.
The last panel ready to be aheared.
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