General Mills Cereal Squad
GM was putting actual toys back in the cereal, and our job was to make the internet notice. Three inch figurines of six iconic cereal characters were placed within cereal boxes. We began the project right as the world went into 2020 spring lockdown, quickly pivoting from a larger outdoor PR moment, to something more intimate. We decided to drum up social hype by sending select influencers oversized figurine collectables at a 400% scale. Diving into the vinyl toy collector world was no easy undertaking but the final products we created were truly unique. Custom acrylic cases featured bios and the cereal they champion incased within the base. Hand-painted cereal figurines stood 14" tall, weighing in around 3 lbs. We included a final matte black cereal box exterior. 
Creative Direction: Aaron Carlsson 
Lead Design: Tim Weakland 
Support Design: Tracee Enayah + Derek Walker + James Jensen 
Account Management: Bryan Humphreys  
Project Management: Becca Telthorster
Project Engineering: Greg Schaal
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