When Sincerely Truman moved to a new location the design team set about making the place feel like home. I was tasked with designing the glass entry doors. I wanted to create something that was memorable, fun and inviting. It had to capture the agency personality while remaining functional. The glass garage doors allow light to filter down the entry stairs and keep the basement a bright space to work during Portland's dark grey winter months. The design also had to fit aesthetically with the brand new space. 

I elected to create an icon series. The icons are a vinyl application, cut from some amazing gold textured material. Each icon represents an important aspect to Truman life. Some icons are extremely functional like the happy hour notice, and the coffee bar hours. Other icons are awesome things people at the agency love, like the Portland Timber scarf and the poker chip. A few icons ended up being super cryptic inside jokes, feel free to ask us to explain them.

Creative Direction:
Jordan Philips
Lead Design: Tim Weakland 
Photography: Shawn St. Peter
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