To thank clients and friends of Truman in 2013, we brewed, bottled and labelled a winter warmer ale. In 2014 we continued the Traveler concept and created the Journal: a way to reflect upon the year that was and plan for the journey to come. We designed, wrote and packaged it as part of a bigger reflective experience.

This was an ambitious project that started with the creation of a 100 page journal as the focal point of the experience. We understand the not everyone identifies as a creative, but adding a little more creativity into any life is never a bad idea. The journal was a means to help people both recap 2014 and set up the creativly in 2015. We wrapped the journal in a hand-cut, leather cover and hand stamped each one. All journals were accompanied by a wooden token for luck, a hand screened a canvas bag, a pack custom Truman playing cards and a shooter of liquid courage to jump start the journaling process. A few of our closest friends ended up with laser engraved boxes.
Sketching up the original concept
The hand lettered wordmark 
Illustrator Robert Perez jumped in and worked up some beautiful digital paintings that served as section breaks in the journal.
A few detail images of the physical journal
A few detail shots of the gift elements
Some assembly required. The Truman team pitched in to hit delivery deadlines. Each package had a bunch of moving parts that needed meticulous assembly. From hand cutting leather, to book binding and paper shredding to create packaging materials, we did it all. 
Some social love
The final journal gift packages

Creative Direction: Jordan Philips | Scott Davis
Producer: Chelsea Spear
Story: Prescott Harvey | Colleen Lowe
Art direction, Journal & Packaging Design: Tim Weakland
Illustration: Robert Perez
Playing card design: Dillon Lawerence

Special thanks:
MC Laser Labs (
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