This project involved creating a bronze art piece in commemoration of the former general hospital in Corvallis, Oregon. This single piece eventually became a triptych with each bronze work cast 8" high and 12' long. With all that space to fill I tapped the talented Kasey Gifford ( to help me out.
These 3 bronze panels commemorate and tell the Good Samaritan Hospital story. Each panel has a different story to tell including: Health, Healing & History. Each story unravels in illustration form across the length of the panel. The illustrations are a 50's modern style. With the history of the hospital and its heyday being midcentury this style alludes to that time period, but with a fresh take. The stories are compiled with clean, expressive lines, but limited details due to the final bronze casting. The choice line work will help tell a compelling hospital story within the limited space. A large text title helps set up the theme of each panel story, with limited text back throughout the narrative connecting visual elements. The foreground illustrations are offset by a textured background consisting of medical icons
Discovery // Concepting
Final Art
Plastic Mold
Bronzing Magic
Concrete Placement
Final Art In place (in the rain)
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