Reworking your personal website is a challenge, doing it for your agency, among client work, during a pandemic, now thats a true  adventure. This was a labor of love that began with sketches and storyboards, wireframes and whiteboard sessions. We tapped people across the agency to chip in and eventually moved what felt like a mountain to launch a new site during a lockdown, working remotely from all over the country. 
We took a site that was five years old and reworked it from the ground up. We pushed a site with static limited photography, heavy in copy and made it more dynamic. We increased video, pushed larger full frame imagery and dialed the copy. We elevated the beautiful client work we do and highlighted an industry leading podcast offering. 
A month after we launched the site, IDL World Wide merged with its parent company SGK Inc, so this new site now has a limited lifespan, check it out while you still can,
Creative Direction: Tim Weakland
Art Direction: Derek Walker 
Development: Symbiolit 
Content + Marketing: Sonya Klinger  
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