In partnership with Nike New York, the SGK team dove into Air Max Day, during a pandemic. Nike's Air Max day has driven into culture the past three decades, weaving itself into the fabric of NYC. We strove to bring the chaos and movement of the NYC streets across the retail landscape. The future forward nature of the footwear also lent to the tech environmental design feels.
The store opened back up to the world on a full time bases in the heart of the city coming out of quarantine with a truly immersive environment capitalizing on Nike's signature day. 
Creative Direction: Krissy Harbert (Nike) / Aaron Carlsson (SGK)
Lead Design: Lauren Blanche (Nike), Blair Cooper (Nike), Tim Weakland (SGK)
Support Design: James Jensen (SGK), Tim Halle (SGK) 
Account Management: Kenna Borgmeier (SGK)  
Project Management: Santy Wang (Nike), Shannon Case (SGK)
Project Engineering: Jonathan Cramer (Sundown) , Amanda Rawlings (Sundown), Greg Schaal (SGK)
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