Cinnamogistics. Reliable? Nah!… Absurdly fun? OH YEAH!
SGK was approached by our partners at General Mills to develop a PR moment to kick off their 2Million Free Cinnamon Toast Crunch Boxes Campaign. Our creative team dreamed up an absurd series of events centered around the Cinnamojis. What if the shipping, receiving and overall logistics of delivering Cinnamon Toast Crunch, was taken over by the little maniacs? Thus, ‘Cinnamogistics’ was born. Introduced in a quick animated short showing the Cinnamojies taking control. Once out of the warehouse, absurd seeding kit deliveries began arriving all over Los Angeles by land, sea, and air. The primary influencers received their package luckily, albeit in a very unique condition. Capturing the events and sharing the experience across all social channels letting the world know how they too could be the lucky recipient of one such absurd delivery.
The creative team dreamed up three unique deliveries, based on Land, Sea, and Air. We imagined the Cinnamojis utilizing monster trucks, submarines, and airplanes. This then carried over into the online experience at where users could enter to win a delivery, track their shipment, and or watch it go awry.
Client: General Mills Cereal
Executive Creative Director: Aaron Carlsson 
Creative Director: Tim Weakland
Art Direction: Derek Walker
Project Management: Shannon Case
Project Engineering: Greg Schaal
Account Management: Bryan Humphreys 

Animation : CHRLX
PR Agency Support: Golin 
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