Good Then. Good Now. Good news!
The question from General Mills was straightforward, “How do we announce a nutritional recipe change to our beloved Big G collection of cereals - one you cannot see, smell, or taste - to generations of fans young and old?” The answer was, delivery them the good news,  literally. Leaning on our previous Cereal Man X Got Milk? work for GM, we tapped into the nostalgia of an early sunrise painting the ‘burbs, beautifully manicured lawns, and the all-time classic method of newspaper delivery, The Paperboy.
Client: General Mills Cereal

Executive Creative Direction: Aaron Carlsson / Curtis Maddox 
Creative Direction: Tim Weakland
Art Direction: Derek Walker
Graphic Design: Noa Beatty / Gabe Fernandez
Account Management: Kalie Hamilton / Nicole Arnan  
Project Management: Faith Wilson 
Project Engineering: Greg Windell

Video Direction: Tim Weakland / Derek Walker
DP / Editing: Dustin Tolman 
Video Producer: Ibeth Hernandez  
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