Some projects come together after months of meticulous preparation and intense scrutiny of every possible detail, while others are a whirlwind of last minute chaos over a holiday weekend of insanity. This project is definitely the latter. The Kyrie 5 launch started with loose creative and a ton of freedom to design. We started by reviewing concept sketches of the shoe and were immediately drawn to two primary technical developments, the Venus Flytrap inspired lace lock-down and the third eye triangle heel support. We gravitated to those aspects of the shoe and extrapolated them into potential environmental storytelling concepts.
The team quickly decided that the third eye triangle was the most interesting place to explore and we moved from sketching to rendering up a few custom pyramids complete with shoe sole pattern faces. Our primary door was in Kyrie's new town, Boston. Nike's Boston store is an amazing location on Newberry Street featuring a three story atrium visible for blocks in all directions . We wanted to own that atrium from every possible angle, drawing people first into the space and then through the store to the basketball zone on the second floor with a payoff view. Along the way, we developed an immersive storytelling table surrounded by a mini mannequin army and added some stair vinyl to lead all visitors upstairs.

Scroll down and check out the experience from the street to the second floor overlook.
We also went big in Harlem with a full House of Hoops takeover. Without the vertical space of an atrium, we focused on the X-Ray table as the primary focal element. We brought in the metal framing and colored tube lights to keep as much Boston flair as possible in the engage zone.

Creative Direction: Aaron Carlsson
Lead Design: Tim Weakland
Design: Tracee Jeung / Jeana Beyers / James Jensen
Account Management: Kenna Borgmeier
Project Management: Sarah Pletka / Shannon Case
Photography: Ray Hall Click PDX

In partnership with Nike Basketball
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