Nike approached IDL with a simple request, help us create the best seeding it ever ... no big deal right?

Following the success of the 2017 NBA Finals Celebration Fridge, Nike decided to push the envelope in '18. They wanted one super fan of the eventual NBA Championship team to receive this exclusive, completely custom kit during the victory parade. And the best part, it would be presented by a victorious athlete.

So we quickly got to work, as usual, sketching and concepting the greatest seeding kit ever for 2018.
After exploring various directions and potential solutions, the clear victor involved a customized gold chrome dipped suitcase. With the knowledge that our kit would be delivered by an athlete to a super fan on the morning of the victory parade, we realized a few requirements. The vessel had to be portable, light-weight, nimble and the time-table was running low. We wanted to create a series of completely bespoke collectables that our super fan would geek out on.

We considered every single detail from the hand tooled, foil stamped leather baggage tag to the custom one off art piece.
The hydro dipped golden case was merely a vessel for the amazing finals story that needed to be told. We tailored the fan experience to include a gold framed jersey of Finals MVP Kevin Durant, hydro-dipped game worn KD sneakers, and a gold dipped a bluetooth speaker for tunes. We reached out to NBA artist Jack Perkins aka 'Pure Hoops' to have a custom piece of art created for the super fan. We even made a golden, leather-bound book, hand stamped and stitched up featuring a historical look at famous footwear worn in the playoffs, ending on the KD11. 
Our kit included items that tied into a day unlike any other for our Warriors superfan. We included a gold iphone and had the kit personally delivered by Kevin Durant first thing in the morning so that our fan could document his entire day. KD even invited the fan to join the victory parade through Oakland on one of the team busses.

A final takeaway was a laser engraved golden ticket to the first game of the 2018-2019 season to witness the ring ceremony and banner raising as the Warriors begin to defined their title.
Lead Design: Tim Weakland + Brandon Hrycyk
Strategy + Support Design: Nate Tabor
Account Management: Bryan Humphreys 
Project Management: Sarah Pletka
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