Kyrie Irving was going to be on the Wheaties box and it was our job to help him celebrate that accomplishment in style. It seemed like a simple enough ask from the jump, but we soon learned there are layers to this. Not only was Kyrie on the iconic orange facade, but for the first time in history the box have two fronts. He would be sharing the spotlight with his alter ego, Uncle Drew on the flip side. Nike was marking this moment with the creation of a custom Wheaties Kyrie 4 colorway and sending those shoes to 100 of his closest friends and family members. It was IDL's job to align all parties, streamline the moment and create a premium seeding experience worthy of such an accomplishment. 

So how does one go navigate Kyrie Irving + Nike + Wheaties + Uncle Drew + Lions Gate ... its a lengthy process that begins with a bunch of sketching and dreaming.
We were partial to sending out custom breakfast trays or an awesome old school van but after a few rounds of creative it became clear that sometimes the best approach is the most straight forward. We behan with an exterior box that mimics the actual Wheaties box, but goes deep on details for both Kyrie & Uncle Drew providing some unique thoughts on Drew's playground days. A milky white interior box with a cereal swoosh would hold the kit items. We dropped the sneakers into an actual General Mills cereal bag for flavor. But why bother working with The Breakfast of Champions if you don't include the components of a balance breakfast? So a mini box, with a bowl and spoon were designed to round out the full meal, ready for influencers to enjoy.
When this kit rolled out on social, the buzz quickly became a roar. It debuted as a featured interview on Sports Center followed by a personal Kyrie unboxing on Instagram. As kits began arriving and sneaker heads started talking the kit picked up steam. The actual shoes were worn in the playoffs by rookie phenom, and Kyrie teammate, Jason Tatum. Soon the sneaker blogs began creating their own unboxing videos.

Social impact surpassed 10 million views, with over 1.4 million likes, 22.5K comments and 50K shares. Averages social engagement is just shy of 2%, the Kyrie kit bumped that number near 7%. ... thats the equivalent of digital buckets with the young bloods!
Lead Design: Tim Weakland + Brandon Hrycyk
Strategy + Support Design: Nate Tabor + James Jensen 
Account Management: Bryan Humphreys 
Project Management: Sarah Pletka
Project Engineering: Keegan Cunningham
Photography: Adam Milliron
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