Zoom Freak 1 was a project we helped Nike Basketball tackle. The excitement around Nike's first signature shoe launch for an international NBA player was high. The knowledge that Giannis was also a probable MVP candidate didn't hurt the mood.

In support of design partners at Nike Retail Experience Design, we got to sink our teeth into what made this launch story unique and special for both the athlete and brand. We leaned into that famous Greek hospitality and decided that serving coffee and clipping hair would be a win win.

Creative Direction: Nike RXD, Bryon Panaia
Lead Design: Nike RXD Randall Tipton / Tim Weakland 
Support Design: Brandon Hrycyk + James Jensen + Jena Beyers 
Account Management: Kenna Borgmeier  
Project Management: Leticia Barajas / Santy Wang / Shannon Case
Project Engineering: Greg Schaal

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